Education Sessions & Speakers

Tuesday, April 23rd

Hands-On Strategies for a Fully Engaged Workforce

What’s the biggest challenge facing the construction industry today? It comes down to People: Hiring. Motivating. Coaching. Promoting. This year, our speakers will focus on building excellence into your team from the ground up.


By Will Pemble

Tuesday, April 23 8:30-10:00

Employees whose managers use a coaching approach prove to be more engaged, better motivated, and stay with their employer longer. In this short workshop, you’ll learn the fundamentals of coaching: listening, questioning, giving feedback, assisting with goal setting, showing empathy, recognizing and pointing out strengths, providing structure, and encouraging a solution-focused approach.

The 90 Minute Coaching Challenge is not a lecture. It’s a workshop, with emphasis on work!  You’ll use the tools, strategies, techniques and structure to actively coach – and be coached – during this session.


About Will Pemble: The GOAL BOSS CEO is back at CISCA to provide more insight on coaching and leadership. As the creator of the Goal Boss Leadership Platform, Will is known for his innovation, dynamic style, broad experience, and genuine enthusiasm for business and life. He has appeared on Netflix, ABC’s Good Morning America, Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet and countless other media. Will built and sold Web.com, and has been founding and growing businesses of all shapes and sizes for over 25 years.


By Jamie Notter

Tuesday, April 23 10:15am-12:00 noon

We all want to be a “best place to work,” but it seems impossible to create a workplace that all your employees like—you can’t please everyone, right? Well, what if the goal was not to please them in the first place? The real best places to work take a different approach to building workplace cultures that are irresistible, and it’s rooted in creating something called deep success. In this provocative session, author and culture expert Jamie Notter will share key insights from his years of research and consulting with some of the strongest company cultures in the world. He’ll also provide practical tools and models that you can use to make real changes in your own workplace culture, and increase engagement, loyalty, and overall performance in the process.

Key objectives:

  • Identify the ultimate source of all irresistible cultures
  • Define what “deep success” means for your organization and apply that to employee engagement
  • Construct a draft playbook of action steps to align your culture with success drivers


About Jamie Notter: Jamie is an author and culture consultant at Human Workplaces, where he helps leaders drive growth and engagement by activating and aligning workplace culture. Jamie presented a highly-evaluated session at the CISCA Convention in 2017. With 25 years of experience in conflict resolution, generational differences, and culture change, Jamie is also the author of three books—Humanize, When Millennials Take Over, and The Non-Obvious Guide to Employee Engagement—and holds a Master’s in conflict resolution from George Mason and a certificate in Organization Development from Georgetown, where he also serves as adjunct faculty.


Tuesday, April 23 1:00-3:00

A panel of CISCA professionals from our member companies will share insight into their own hands-on experiences with their companies’ cultures: development, successes, and lessons learned. This session will bring together real-world ideas and practices with your questions and input.

Wednesday, April 24th



Discover the latest science on how to build rapport faster with potential clients.

  • Understand the process everyone’s brain goes through before saying “yes”
  • Avoid common networking mistakes
  • Learn to read body language to read people’s minds
  • Practice turning every question into the right one by how you answer it


“Tough Talks: Turn Conflicts into Stronger Relationships”


Breakdowns happen. Discover a process for having difficult conversations that don’t just address an issue but create better results.

  • Uncover the major reason conflicts happen
  • Understand how to deal with people who have lost their mi ds (They really have!)
  • Use a simple process to address issues and work with clients to create a better solution
  • Develop your plan for using your new skills

About Lynne Franklin: After a boy threatened to kill her with a machete, Lynne Franklin decided to learn everything she could about persuasion. Her practical approach to neuroscience and business communication—delivered with energy and humor—makes Lynne the perfect choice for those who want to learn and use new strategies right away. Clients who adopt her system see faster career advancement and lead more profitable companies.

Lynne is a “neuroscience nerd.” She studies how the brain works and how this affects behavior. She also has expertise in learning and communication theory. Her programs are designed to be persuasive and effective—from the inside out. Just as important, her speeches and workshops are fun! Lynne sets this goal for her participants: they laugh, learn, try something new, and walk away with at least one new action they can take now to improve their lives.


Lynne works with organizations that want to use top-notch communication skills to increase their performance, productivity and profits. Her clients range from large to small, CEOs and senior executives to middle managers. She has presented programs to American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, BMO Harris Bank, Lakeshore Public Media’s Professional Women’s Conference, National Association of Women Business Owners, and Wintrust Financial Corporation, among others. She is the author of Getting Others to Do What You Want.

Thursday, April 25th

“2019 Economic Forecast”

Presented by Bob Treadway
11:00am – 12:00pm

CISCA welcomes Bob Treadway once again for our 2019 Convention to deliver his prescient Economic Forecast. This is must-attend education event, and seats fill up fast, so be sure to arrive early!

Bob Treadway’s work as a futurist, speaker, consultant, and strategy advisor began when clients asked him to develop forecasts to present in advance of his strategic planning consultation and facilitation.
He has provided decades of forecasting briefings for a wide range of organizations and industries. Attendees most often comment on the take-away, hands-on instruction that allows them to become better forecasters on their own. As one executive put it recently, “Your workshop, in just one short hour, helped us with HOW to think about our businesses in the future.”

Some of the feedback from Bob’s 2018 presentation at the CISCA Convention:

  • Focused on construction industry
  • Knows his stuff
  • Great knowledge. Relates well to our industry
  • Speaker knowledge – depth & breadth of knowledge was impressive!!!
  • Always insightful